Collector’s Corner: DC Legion of Collectors, Women of DC (September Box)

Breaking into my first Legion of Collectors box. (Gallery below)

I bought my first monthly subscription to the Legion of Collectors based on the notion that I would get some cool Wonder Woman merchandise out of the “Women of DC” theme. In that regard, Funko did not let me down. The Wonder Woman collectible included in the box is outside my normal collecting focus but it’s unique enough for me to really enjoy it.

Funko had previously announced that their DC line of 3.75 inch figures are completely exclusive to the Legion of Collector’s subscription box. The figures are not the kind of thing I’d usually be into, but pairing Wonder Woman with her invisible jet is pretty cool.

The Batgirl patch is fun, but the pin is sort of a letdown. I know Harley Quinn is insanely popular right now, but there’s merchandise for her everywhere. I was hoping the box might highlight other characters in her place.

Likewise, I am a bit bummed out by the Hawkgirl Pop. I recognize I am in the minority on this one, as everybody online is loving her inclusion. The sculpt looks great, and I’m happy for all of the Hawkgirl fans out there who finally have this character available in Pop form. I’m just not a Hawkgirl fan.

I really like the T-shirt. There are two variants of the shirt, a heroes one and a villains one. I think I would have preferred the heroes one I did get, even though the villains shirt has Poison Ivy on it.

The comic included is Batgirl #35, which introduces the Batgirl of Burnside storyline. It’s a good pick, but I am scratching my head wondering why they went with this over an issue of DC Bombshells.

For me, this box gets a mixed reception, and not because I think anything here is low quality. For $25, I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth in value. I guess I would have just preferred different characters to be spotlighted, like Poison Ivy, Mera, or a newcomer like Jessica Cruz. But hey, not every box is going to be 100% loved by every collector, and I recognize that there’s a lot to love here for many others.

The next box theme has been revealed to be “Batman Villains,” and I could not be more hyped. I don’t think there’s any character they could choose to spotlight that I would be disappointed by (unless they choose to spotlight Harley Quinn yet again). I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a Mr. Freeze Pop (they’ve never made one!), since you all know he’s my favorite Batman villain. Anything Hush-related would also be sweet.


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