Comic Book Roundup: August 31, 2016



This week’s highlights are all indie releases.

East of West #29

Written by Jonathan Hickman, Art by Nick Dragotta

East of West wraps up its “Year Two” story with issue 29, finally bringing closure to some long awaited elements while also setting up some major threats for the next arc. It’s amazing that Hickman even finds the time to put in some world building, fleshing out the Psalm assassin as one¬†of 150 Psalms, tragic figures from a deceptive experimentation. East of West remains my favorite comic book on the stands right now; it sucks that now we have to see it go into its seasonal hiatus while we wait for the next arc. At least we have Saga back to help pass the time. (And just when the hell is Southern Bastards coming back??)


Adventure Time Comics #2

Written and drawn by various creators

adventure timeAdventure Time Comics is fast turning into one of the best comics coming out each month. It’s just so much damn fun. The series focuses on allowing various creators come in and write and draw their own Adventure Time stories however they want. This issue has four shorts, the standout for me being “Riviera Reverie” from Sophia Foster-Dimino, in which Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum go on a vacation to relax. Greg Smallwood of Moon Knight fame turns in a really cool piece with realistic looking art–his Lich is particularly terrifying.

Rick and Morty #17

Written by Kyle Starks, Art by Marc Ellerby

I usually pick up Rick and Morty for some light reading and a few giggles. This issue really blew me away. Rick takes Morty to help him deliver a message to a king, and I’ve gotta tell you, this story was better than some of the TV episodes! Highly recommended. I also really liked the back up story by Marc Ellerby, even if it was pretty standard fare.


Other pulls!



  • The Amazing Spider-Man #17
  • The Astonishing Ant-Man #11
  • Star Wars: Han Solo #3 ¬†Surprisingly, Han Solo is shaping up to be the best mini series Marvel has produced so far. Let’s see if the series sticks the landing in the last two issues.


  • Saga #37 Man, it’s good to have Saga back! I’m really intrigued by this new comet world.
  • Tokyo Ghost #10 The end of an era.

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