Collector’s Corner: Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Statue, DC Collectibles

My Harley Quinn 12 inch statue from DC Collectibles finally arrived today after some legitimate first world problems arose trying to purchase it. (Image gallery below.)

See, I had originally preordered this statue direct from DC Collectibles back in early July. My high end collectibles focus right now is one statue in this scale per DCEU movie. The statue was supposed to ship on August 15th; instead, the order status stalled “In Process.” A few days later, my order status suddenly said “Cancelled.” I reached out to the customer service department for details, and didn’t hear back for several days, when they sent out an email blast letting many who preordered Harley Quinn know that they had oversold the item and we would not be receiving one.

I told my buddy George about this and he recommended a few collectibles sites. The best one he suggested was Razors Edge Collectibles. Razors Edge did have the statue, and I wound up paying less than I originally would have with DC.

A day later my order had been cancelled. Razors Edge uses a fraud detector that pinged me because my billing and shipping addresses didn’t match. I called their customer service rep, Mike, who was extremely helpful. I recently moved, hence the different addresses, and he looked to see what he could do. Unfortunately, when they cancelled my order the statue went back into stock… and sold out. (Note: I should say that although this transaction didn’t land me my statue, my whole experience with the website and Mike himself was very pleasant. I’d definitely order from Razors Edge again.)

Well, the other sites George had recommended to me had also sold out. I spent some time online looking and found only one option outside of eBay: GameStop. An incredibly unlikely source, I know, but they finally pulled through and delivered.

You can click through the gallery below to see photos of the statue in all its beauty.

Harley Quinn is sculpted by James Marsano and rocks a ton of cool details. The tattoo designs on her stomach and fingernails are neat, and the work put into the baseball bat and jacket is evident. All of the colors pop really well. The fishnet stockings aren’t painted on but are actual cloth material. The base is basically a large dog tag that actually weighs quite a bit.

The one area the statue loses points on for me is in the eyes–there’s something a little wonky about them.



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