Collector’s Corner: Marvel Collector Corps, Spider-Man Box

This was my first Marvel Collector Corps box since last year’s disappointing Secret Wars themed box. Did Spider-Man pan out better for me than Secret Wars?

img_1555Opening these boxes is always a lot of fun;img_1556 Funko goes through lengths to make these boxes unique. The comics scrawled on the inside of the box are neat, and I’ve seen a lot of collectors use this section of the box to display the pins and patches in fun, unique ways.



img_1559After the patches and pins, the box gives us the theme for October: Doctor Strange! I’ll keep my subscription to the img_1560MCC for Doctor Strange, especially after how much I enjoyed this box.

Underneath that is the MCC variant cover for The Amazing Spider-Man #16, which is fun enough.


img_1561 The box includes MCC’s first Fabrikation, which keeps the numbering from the series. I can’t believe I never noticed that the Fabrikations line was missing Spider-Man, but it turns out they were saving him exclusively for this box! Spider-Man is the first Fabrikations I own, and will probably be the only one, too, unless Funko includes more in these subscription boxes.

Instead of the usual shirt, we’ve got a really nifty Spider-Man hat. It’s a snapback; I’ve seen a lot of criticism for this online but I love it. I’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.img_1564
And then, of course, we arrive at the Pop! figure. They went for a  new dynamic pose instead of a new costume or a supporting character, which is slightly disappointing. However, the pose is cool enough for me to enjoy it anyway.

This box really went all in with the Spider-Man theme–I was expecting some supporting characters, or maybe villains. Instead, every item in this box is of Spider-Man. I’m seeing a lot of fervor online about this, but all in all I don’t mind. I don’t own anything from Funko of Spider-Man yet, so this box really dumped it on me.

You can see more pictures of everything in the box below.img_1567


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