Comic Book Roundup: August 17, 2016


Batman #5

Written by Tom King, art by David Finch

IMG_1518 Tom King wraps up his first arc on Batman with an awesome finale! King injects this issue with unexpected humor in the beginning before getting very dark. He writes Batman’s desperation well; you can feel Bruce’s hurt pride when he needs to call in the League. The conclusion of the arc is shocking and King ends the issue with a strong tease for the future. I am very excited for the future of Batman with King at the helm. I’ve also gotta throw props to Finch for sticking with art duties throughout the whole arc–I understand the quicker shipping speed is hard on the illustrators, and most DC artists haven’t been able to draw for every issue of their title.

Today’s other pulls


  • Supergirl: Rebirth one-shot
  • Aquaman #5
  • Superman #5


  • Daredevil/Punisher #4
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War II #3

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