Comic Book Roundup: August 10, 2016


This week’s comic releases feature three knockout issues: The Black Monday Murders, All-Star Batman, and Daredevil.

All-Star Batman #1

Written by Scott Snyder, art by John Romita, Jr.


Awesome variant cover I also picked up today.

If you’re only buying one comic this week, it should be All-Star Batman. Scott Snyder returns to write Batman after his five year run on Batman–a career defining epic that will go down as one of the best runs on Batman in comic history.

In All-Star Batman, Snyder teams up with artist Romita, Jr. to bring a new sense of style and tone to the Dark Knight. This first arc’s main villain is Two-Face, and Snyder here revamps him as the man who knows everyone’s secrets. After an incident in which Two-FaceĀ caused acid to rain down on Gotham, Batman decides it’s time to finally put an end to Two-Face’s antics. To achieve this, he’s taking Two-Face on a road trip across the country to a house. What is this house? What will happen there that will cure Harvey? We don’t know just yet, but it’s all so intriguing.

Snyder started All-Star Batman with the desire to use a slew of villains he hadn’t used while working on Batman, and this issue sees him write four new villains alone. Speaking with IGN, he said that the next issue will include nine. This series is Batman meets Mad Max: Fury Road, with a dash of solid B movie antics. There’s no better way to explain this series than this: in one scene, Batman yields a chainsaw as a weapon. It’s glorious, it’s fun, and it’s decidedly unlike any other Batman comic being written right now.

All-Star Batman is a big win for Snyder, for Romita, Jr., and for DC Rebirth.


Daredevil #10

Written by Charles Soule, art by Ron Garney

This new volume of Daredevil kicks ass. I love everything Soule has done with character since jumping on board. I also really love these mini arcs that Soule does on the title, telling a story in two to three issues.

Daredevil #10 beginsĀ a new arc, so it’s a good jumping on point for new readers. It’s called “Dark Art,” presumably after the painting done in blood found that kickstarts the arc into high gear. It looks like this is gonna be some brutal shit; these gritty stories are what Daredevil was made for.

Ron Garney’s art is the greatest, by the way. This is the only title from the big two that looks like an Image book, which is an extreme compliment.

The Black Monday Murders #1

Written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Tomm Coker

I honestly think the less I tell you about The Black Monday Murders the better. This is a comic you really need to experience on your own.

Just know that Hickman continues to be the greatest comic author in the business (this is the guy who writes East of West and wrote Secret Wars, Marvel’s best event ever). Tomm Coker’s art is haunting and works really well with the murder mystery aspect of the tale. The atmosphere of this book is unlike anything else in comics right now. I’m hyped about this series.

Today’s other comic pulls


From DC:

  • The Flash #4
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #2
  • Superman: Action Comics #961
  • Wonder Woman #4; Rucka is doing amazing work on WW. The decision to have two storylines running is brilliant.

From Marvel:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #16; they’re really heading right into “Dead No More” here, guys.
  • Black Panther #5
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader #24; this issue was really good for Vader’s characterization but brutal on my wallet. This felt like the lightest issue of the series, even though it’s the penultimate one. Four dollars felt like a steep price today. The cliffhanger leading into the series finale was great, but unfortunate considering the finale has been delayed by over a month.


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