Trainwreck Review

Trainwreck-posterI went and saw Trainwreck with some friends last night (including Andrew of kahlerandhanzel, a blog you really should be checking out), and since I more or less skipped doing a review for Ant-Man, I decided I really couldn’t skip writing this one. Which is just fine, really, because I mostly liked Judd Apatow’s fifth directorial effort.

Trainwreck stars Amy Schumer as Amy Townsend, a journalist who must interview Dr. Aaron Conners (a superb Bill Hader), a groundbreaking sports medicine doctor who works with a lot of famous athletes. Amy’s lifestyle choices are where the title comes from–led to believe by her father that monogamy is unrealistic, Amy sleeps around a lot, drinks to excess nightly, and smokes a ton of pot. She’s got a killer job, a killer apartment, and something of a boyfriend-but-not-really in John Cena, who steals every scene he’s in.

Let me just say this first: Trainwreck is absolutely hilarious. Schumer’s script is great in that regard, and the whole cast delivers a lot of laughs with ease. All of the characters in the movie have great chemistry, which is especially important for Amy and Aaron. The relationships, romantic and familial, all ring true.

My big problem with Trainwreck is the ending. You get the sense that Trainwreck thinks it’s a lot smarter than it ends up being. For a movie trying to be a different sort of romantic comedy, the final act drops the ball completely, and becomes horribly boring and cliché. It’s a shame, really, because I think the movie had a lot of potential. While Amy’s character perhaps shouldn’t be a role model, the film’s indictment of her behavior and seemingly hard stance against alcohol and pot feel hollow and arbitrary considering Apatow’s collection of films. It doesn’t help that this criticism comes very late in the game.

As a whole, Trainwreck is enjoyable. It’s a solid way to spend two hours, and it’s a great vehicle for Amy Schumer. Schumer needs to be in more stuff, asap. If you’re looking for a movie to make you laugh, Trainwreck delivers. You can tell this is a Judd Apatow film, and I say that not as a criticism but as a praise. However, if you’re looking for a movie to defy conventions of the typical romantic comedy (as it was advertised), Trainwreck isn’t it.

Final Score: B-


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