Here Goes Nothing

Well hey there, and welcome to Geek, Unchained. ┬áMy name’s John, and I’ll be the sole writer on the blog. This is my second attempt at a blog–my previous one fizzled out about two years ago, because I tried to force myself into a schedule, and I discovered rather quickly that nothing makes you want to write less than trying to write to meet your schedule. So I’ll be rather upfront about that now: this is going to be sporadic as all hell. It could be once a week, twice a week, or maybe twice a day if I’m feeling I’ve got a lot to talk about.

And that’s essentially what this is going to be for me, I guess. A lot of talking about random shit. Mostly, you’ll see movies, comics, books, and even music. Occasionally, you’ll get some original writing. If we’re being totally honest, you and I, I might as well point out that maybe you’ll find some current event topics discussed (don’t worry, those will be filed under the Bullshit category). They say that writers write, and I desperately need a space to do that. Here’s my space.

So stick around, friend. Hopefully you’ll find something here to interest you.




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