Fancasting the DCEU: Batman Villains

One of Batman’s greatest strengths as a comics character is his rogues gallery. Batman simply has the best villains in DC, which is definitely part of what makes his stories so compelling. Often times, Batman has a unique dynamic with each character, enriching their interactions with philosophical differences or tragic companionship.

While hanging out with some friends recording Geek, Unchained’s next podcast, we got to talking about who we’d fancast as certain DC characters in the new DC Extended Universe. That was so much fun, I wanted to take the ball and run with it here on the blog. None of these will ever end up happening, probably, but as a huge comic nerd and film buff it’s fun to dream. Similar to my earlier series regarding Ant-Man and the MCU, I’ll be splitting this fancasting series up into 3 parts: Batman’s Rogues Gallery, DC Heroes, and DC Villains.

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Don’t Breathe Review

lights out

I tend to go into horror movies with trepidation. The horror genre is my favorite, as I’ve detailed before, but it’s the one genre that I think has the lowest success rate. So far, 2016 has given us a lot of critically beloved horror features–The Witch, Green Room, The Conjuring 2, The Shallows, Lights Out. It does feel like we are due for a dud.

Luckily, Don’t Breathe isn’t the failure I had feared. Instead, it lends itself to the growing pile of evidence that 2016 is one of the best years for horror movies ever.

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